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Brightwork can be done well or quickly, but never the 'tween shall meet.

Basically, the following table illustrates the teak refurbishment process.  There are variations for each boat, but each job we do receives the same attention to detail.  You can't rush a good teak job, but it can still be finished in a timely manner.  We'll be uploading more photographs soon.


The Teak Renovation Process

Step 1

Full inspection of the teak and other woodwork on your boat.

Step 2

Remove old varnish.  The deterioration of the brightwork determines whether we use chemical stripping agents, sandpaper, or both.

Step 3 Sand woodwork.  After removing all varnish, we start the sanding process, moving from rougher to finer grades until the wood is smooth.
Step 4 Clean the grain.  If the wood has received much weather, we will either hand sand or use two-part teak cleaner.
Step 5 Vacuum the area and clean up the sawdust to prevent contamination of the work area.
Step 6 Tape around the wood to keep varnish from getting on your gelcoat or other surfaces.
Step 7 Wipe down the surface with denatured alcohol.
Step 8 Varnish.  The first coat is mixed very thinly so that it penetrates the wood.  A second thin coat is applied.
Step 9 Lightly sand surface, followed by another coat of less-thinned varnish.
Step 10 Repeat Step 9 two to three times.
Step 11 Thorough sanding followed by a mirror-like topcoat of clear varnish.
Step 12 Clean-up and detailing of the brightwork area.