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At J.B. BRIGHTWORK, we pride ourselves on completing each job in a timely and exemplary manner.  

We offer full renovation and refurbishment of your watercraft's teak or hardwood components.  If we aren't satisfied with our work, we know that you won't be either.  Therefore, we strive to achieve superlative results.  Before beginning any contract work, we go over each step with you - detail by detail - to ensure future satisfaction.

Many boat owners do not realize that teak - even after four to six coats of varnish - requires yearly maintenance to make certain it remains in good condition.  Usually, this entails only a light sanding followed by a couple more coats of finish.  After refinishing your brightwork, we will contact you in six to eight months with a friendly reminder for maintenance.  Keeping up with your boat's yearly maintenance prevents major refinishing.

We use only top-of-the-line marine finishes to ensure long-lasting protection from saltwater and harmful UV rays.  While we have our favorites when it comes to varnishes and polyurethane finishes, we are happy to discuss yours.


We proudly use Bristol Finish and Epifanes Yacht Coatings

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